It's all in
your brain.
Executive coaching
Reignite your passion and develop tools to lead compassionately, authentically and effectively.
Personal Journey
Courageous conversations for personal transformation.
Public Speaking
Impassioned talks to inspire, motivate, and provide tools for personal transformation.
Inspiration. Resiliency. Balance. Transformation.
Courageous conversations with Gunnel B. train your unconscious mind to let your best self flourish.

Harness the power of changing your brain behaviour to unfetter your abilities and transform your life. Discover and neutralise limiting beliefs to create powerful new possibilities through behaviour and the words you use, both in your self-talk and with others.

Using a variety of techniques, I support individual and business clients to achieve spectacular professional results quickly and discover powerful new ways to live. Sessions are always customised to each person and situation.

Never before has putting our professional and personal lives under the lens been more pertinent. Boundaries between our work and home lives have dissolved during the pandemic and are unlikely to reappear in the same form. In a very short time, paradigms have shifted in how business — and many other aspects of life — operate. Let me support you in strengthening your resiliency and finding your balance in our changed world.

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Gunnel B. at TEDxLausanne!

I recently had the opportunity to give a talk at the latest rendition of TEDxLausanne. Watch it below!