Why are Gunnel's clients delighted?
How I have changed over the course of my personal journey with Gunnel is extraordinary. I was living on high alert all the time, striving to succeed, to be promoted, always wanting to achieve more. My heart was always racing and I was never really at peace or deeply satisfied. With Gunnel’s guidance I discovered my immense power to be in my life, and not just do my life. Our discussions were crucial to being able to zoom out, crystalize and focus on my priorities—including the ones that really matter, my family and my entire personal life. Working with Gunnel recast my professional promotion and success as a true personal journey. I know that my answers are within me, that I can take the time and space to find them. I am so much calmer, and rejoice in my happy, healthy heart.
Vice President Sales Operations
Gunnel is an amazing coach! She is super insightful and will support and encourage you to be completely honest with yourself to identify and "bring to full color" your inner strengths and capabilities! I have worked with many coaches, over the years and can say without hesitation - Gunnel ROCKS! She has helped me to open doors that have been closed and locked for many years, and has challenged me to look for and open more doors. Thank you, Gunnel for helping move my world from black & white to Kodachrome -- it is beautiful.
Shawnmarie Mayrand-Chung
CEO, The Alignment Initiative
Gunnel is a creative, warm, and insightful person who excels at drawing things together to make a living story. She provided outstanding advice for my professional communication plan, including positioning and social media presence (Linked In.) She understands key business issues and has a good view on the job market. She is inspiring with her positive spirit, her honesty, and her generosity. I can highly recommend Gunnel as an inspirational sparring partner.
Walter Lee
Lifecycle Leader Automation at Roche, Global executive in Lifesciences and Medical Devices
Having had professional coaching sessions in the past, I was searching for someone at this stage in my life to help pull things together more on a personal front. Gunnel has effectively taken me on a journey of self-discovery, and helped me to reconnect with what makes me tick, and what I need to feel fulfilled. It was important for me to learn how to block out all of the "noise" of everyday distractions and outdated beliefs in order to see clearly again and take control of my life. I just received a new job offer last week, and am ready to begin this new chapter feeling well-equipped, refreshed, and confident. I would highly recommend Gunnel to anyone who is looking for a passionate and knowledgable coach who goes above and beyond standard coaching to help you think differently about your mental and physical well-being and how to live your best life. Well-worth the investment!
Juliet M. Gisondi
European Marketing Manager at BD
Gunnel has a unique and very positive energy. Her sincere interest in those she meets is very reassuring. Her understanding of the executive world means that as a coach or advisor, she can bring new and constructive perspectives and enable a human and productive approach to resolving problems and improving relationships.
Louis Leclézio
Chief Technology and Customer Experience Officer
Gunnel is a great and professional coach, leveraging both on her corporate & management experiences and intuition, mixing left and right brain potentials. She thus has a holistic and pragmatic approach with relevant exercises and insights for both the professional and personal aspects.
Ariane Wunderli
Active les ressources (Equipes-Projets-Entreprises) @ LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
Gunnel met with me during the first year of my new global venture when I needed an outside professional seeing it with fresh eyes. Gunnel was a rich sparring partner who brought new insights, challenged me and stretched my thinking while keeping the conversation grounded. She easily grasped the greater vision and saw how to drive the development to that vision. One day with Gunnel focusing on business development and putting the pieces in place was invaluable. She is like a glowing flash of lightening: rapid, bright, with strong purpose and clarity. I highly recommend Gunnel as an astute, generous, positive and energizing sparring partner.
Bonnie Lou Fatio-Pollock
Founder and Global Mentor at Inspired Women Lead!
Gunnel is a true people person. Her networking skills are exceptional, but by far the most amazing thing about her is her warm and caring personality and her endless empathy for the people around her.
Tuomas Marttila
M&A Integration at Medix Biochemica
Gunnel has an outstanding ability to connect with people and is a networker of similar calibre. Her memory for details is mind boggling and she can use this to make valuable connections between what at first sight seems unrelated. She is also very organised, something I have witnessed first-hand, and can quickly dissect a complex situation and come up with a strategy for how to approach the problem. In summary, I would recommend Gunnel for any position where she has a mandate to create value by dealing with people.
Jesper Hörnberg
Director of Innovation @ Global Resilience Partnership